Internet’s Prime Offerings

Andrew Monroe’s Website!

That’s right. I’ve got an author website up, showcasing my novel A Leaf and Pebble!


If you haven’t been to Amazon, you’re missing out. Nothing like a bit of window shopping when work has you down.

Life Hacker!

Life Hacker has some of the most versatile and ingenious articles around. If getting ahead is on your bucket list, this is it.


Short posts and plenty of pictures, Buzzfeed has a decadent amount of fun to check out.


Geeks, Nerds, and Movie Buffs rejoice. Everything you need to know can be found at io9.


You like clever writing? Incredible advice? Life changing ideas? Here you are.

Wait But Why!

Lessons about life, the world, and more than a few worthwhile thoughts for that noggin.

The Berry!

Like The Chive, but with funnier pictures, a female bend, and a to-die-for Daily Motivation that inspires even the laziest of us.


Hilarious, informational, and completely entertaining. Learn while you laugh!


Lose hours of time randomly hopping across the internet’s less known sites.


Intriguing and intelligent.  Never have stick figures been so funny.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things!

A web comic covering everything from Pokemon to Politics.

The Oatmeal!

If you’ve heard of the mantis shrimp or the game Exploding Kittens, you now know where to go to say thanks.


Claimed as the “Front Page of the Internet.” It’s hard to argue otherwise after a couple hundred hours spent here.


Help people get businesses off the ground while gaining access to all kinds of cool products before they hit the market.

Plains Internet!

If you’re looking for incredible and well priced wireless internet, this is the place for you. These guys are awesome.

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