10 Best Things To Buy On Amazon

1. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker ($30)

Coffee drinkers rejoice! This water bottle sized contraption is by and far the best coffee maker out there.

The picture looks a little complicated, but don’t be fooled. Only the see through tower looking thing is the actual coffee maker. The rest are just accessories. A scoop for coffee grinds, a funnel to pour the grinds into, a paddle for stirring, and a filter holder for holding filters- oddly enough.

Some of the best tasting, quickest made coffee you have ever had. Mind bogglingly easy to use. Phenomenal results.

2. Cards Against Humanity ($25)

It can be hard to find a reason to do something with friends after a long week.

A round of Cards Against Humanity will change this feeling. Completely, totally, and irresponsibly inappropriate for anyone to play, it will bring countless laughs and horrified gasps from those friends close enough to be invited to play.

Pairs well with alcohol, weekend nights, and that friend who makes way too many dick jokes.

3. Wake-Up Light ($70)

Kind of looks like the sun, doesn’t it? That’s intentional. A slow brightening alarm clock that gently wakes you up without all that sudden noise and anger typical of mornings for the uninitiated.

It may seem a bit pricey, but the results will more than make up for it. Seriously, this thing will pay for itself with how good you’ll feel waking up compared to the traditional method.

4. Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Soap ($26)

An extreme price for a black bar of soap, it would seem. Don’t be so quick to judge. This black beauty lasts for months with daily use, smells like everything is right in the world, and more importantly it wages war on body acne!

There’s nothing less attractive than pimples covering your back, shoulders and chest. Skin Diver fixes this. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

5. Three Wolf Moon Tee ($20)

Product Details

Just look at that shirt.

This tee is the key to a very special club of very attractive people with very refined tastes.

Watch out world, the wolf pack is coming your way.

6. Sugru ($22)

Seriously cool stuff here.

If duct tape and plastic had a love child and raised it on infomercials and Lucky Charms (don’t ask) this would be the result.

You can and will do anything and everything with Sugru. It’ll become all that matters in your life. Your friends will worship ye who holds the Sugru.

Wield the power wisely, friend.

7. Cold Steel Hand-And-A-Half Sword  ($263)

Yes. It’s a sword. A fully capable of cutting things in half, heavy and frightening sword.

Everyone should own at least one thing they are capable and likely to hurt them self with. A huge hunk of sharpened metal that doubles as an automatic conversation piece and thief deterrent makes more sense than that stupid painting you bought to look sophisticated with.

Plus, paintings are so medieval. Cold Steel’s weapons are modern miracles of engineering. Way. Freaking. Cooler.

8. Classic Waffle Maker ($27)

This is the best valued waffle iron on Amazon. It will most likely change your life. Go look up everything you can do with one.

Just kidding, don’t do that.You’d never come back because the possibilities are pretty much infinite.

You need this godly gift. #Treat-Yo-Self

Here’s some proof: WAFFLE IRON GOODNESS

9. GoPro HERO4 SILVER ($400)

Everyone wishes they had a Go-Pro. Combine it with the sword up above, and that’s a viral video right there.

But really, these things are fun. Strap it to your dog, use it for a quick and dirty video surveillance tool, take it on your next vacation and capture anything fun you do. It’s hard to regret a GoPro once you have one.

10. Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker  ($35)

A nigh-indestructible speaker is the foundation that your weekend party/shower/whatever-else-you-do is built upon. Music is the key ingredient to make anything mundane into something special. Don’t let cables, cords or location bog down your ability to make magic happen.

Bonus: you can now, literally, throw music at your friends and enemies.


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