Stop Caring What Others Think: Mammoth Method


“Hold on now, mammoths are extinct, right?” said the internet audience.

You quit with that negative talk internet naysayers! Mammoths will rise again.

But really, this mammoth is the one your ancestors had to have to survive the community building process back in pre-civilization days. To get to the point, you need to be making this “Social Mammoth” extinct.

Wait But Why’s article is broken into a few parts outlined below. For a more in depth look (which you definitely need), go check the article out (THERE’S LOTS OF PICTURES, DON’T WORRY).

Part 1: Meet Your Mammoth

This is the section where you come to terms with that part of your brain that provides “an irrational and         unproductive obsession with what other people think of us.” This mammoth permeates who we are. How people perceive us affects what we eat, what we wear, how we act, and who we interact with- just to name a few.

Part 2:  Taming The Mammoth

Here, they explain how to get this thing under control. You could also say this is the part where you stop caring what others think about you. AKA: not giving a frick.

Step 1: Examine yourself. (There’s three points to help you along on the article with this)

Step 2: Gather courage because that mammoth is pretty stupid. (There’s two, very well fleshed out points here to read about)

Step 3. Start being yourself.  “Almost nothing you’re socially scared of is actually scary.”

Wait But Why goes through these parts extensively, and unless you are Ghandi or Mother Teresa, you should probably read the whole thing.

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think via Wait But Why


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