12 Worst Things in the Star Wars E.U.

The 12 Worst Things in the Star Wars Expanded Universe

Star Wars is amazing.

If this statement is not agreed upon, you should probably leave and never come back.

With that said, there are some truly awful things in the Expanded Universe. (AKA: Legends…)

The full article is well worth the read, and may even make you appreciate Star Wars even more than you already do.

1) Boba Fett and the Sarlacc

He fell in again. We all know Fett’s better than that.

2) The Crystal Star

There’s centaurs in this book. Horse people, ruining the world again.

3) Skippy the Droid

A droid that uses the force. Come now….

4) The Jedi Prince Series

Space whales, which should be cool, but are far from it.

5) The Third Law

Please keep banking and weapon-free planets out of Star Wars. It’s just depressing.

6) Hoar

An awkwardly named Tusken Raider. That is all you need.

7) Clone Names

Before Clone Wars came out, cloning was an interesting topic. This was not one of them.

8) Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie

Jabba has a gay uncle. Funny yet terrible.

9) The Sun Crusher

Invincible star system destroying ship that no one knows about. Stolen by a kid. Sounds almost OK. But not really.

10) Bendorion

Hutts don’t get to be Jedi! Who gives an overweight slug a lightsaber in the first place?

11) The Ewok Adventure and Battle for Endor

It’s the muppets mash-up with Star Wars no one asked for.

12) Mount Sorrow

A good way to solidify that emotional mountains will always be dicks (looking at you, Adventure Time).

The 12 Worst Things in the Star Wars Expanded Universe via io9


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