Living in a Pixel of Life’s Picture

Though the picture looks pretty happy, this is actually a rather sobering article.

Based around both the “Impact Bias” and Wait But Why’s own Pixel Theory, both of which will resound with your own life in a scary accurate manner, you may find why you’ve been so unhappy. A quick brief on the article below.


Most people live in a constant state of looking to towards a better tomorrow. For some, that better tomorrow is a new job, marriage, or any number of things you’ve heard yourself say about why the future is so much brighter than today.

But the key to happiness isn’t finally getting married, getting that promotion, or even having that dream life you know you deserve. The key is to not focus on the big picture, which is your entire life, but on each pixel- i.e. each day.

If you can learn to accept not every day is going to be the big and colorful picture of your life, happiness will finally be achievable.

For an incredibly more interesting and worthwhile read, go check out the full article.

Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel Via Wait But Why


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