io9 Guide to Discworld

The io9 Guide to Discworld

Discworld is one of the most wonderful book series out there.

It’s perfect for a few reasons:

  1. You can read pretty much whichever book, whenever, and not worry about the order.
  2. There’s a book for everyone. Every genre is covered.
  3. It’s got a lot of books in the series. 40+, depending on who’s counting what.
  4. Each book is pretty reasonable on time it takes to read.

Here we have a well thought out break down of where to start and a much deeper look into the Discworld Universe.


  • Which book to start with. (Harketh votes Mort or Small Gods)
  • A break down of what might interest you in each rough grouping of books.
    1. Rincewind and the Wizards- More Straightforward Fantasy
    2. The Witches- Romance and Fairy Tales
    3. Death- Philosophy
    4. The City Watch- Crime and Social Constructs
    5. Moist von Lipwig- Con Men and Politics
    6. Tiffany Aching- Coming of Age and Scottish Pixies
    7. Standalones- Everything. Ever.
  • A quick summary for most of the novels.
  • Cool pictures.
  • Terry Pratchett’s background.
  • The “What Is” of discworld.

The io9 Guide to Discworld via io9


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