Lap Around the Block- 6/25/15

Amazon Deals:

Aromatherapy Humidifier ($35)

Women’s Flip Flops(45% off)

Amazon Gold Box(All the good deals amazon has today)



“Mathematical scarves knit in luxurious merino. Algorithmically generated patterns, no two scarves are alike.”


Hand carved Red Rising Inspired Stamp ($12)

Pax au Telemanus Rubber Stamp, Hand carved Red Rising Inspired Stamp

Fear is the Mind Killer Bracelet ($17)

Dune Inspired - Fear Is The Mind Killer - A Hand Stamped Bracelet in Aluminum or Sterling Silver


Portable Two Person Hammock ($35)

Portable Two Person Hammock (10 Colors)

Garage Sale ($5-$1000)

A Gathering Of Garage Sales

Quote of the day:


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