Get Yo’ Self An Urban Bug Out Bag

Since most military personnel already have the bug out bag (BOB) down to a tee already, it will be assumed this is a new experience for you. A BOB is that special bag you have prepacked and ready to go with everything you’re going to need. This is a horribly loose definition, but we’re pretty loose over here at Harketh, so it’s all we can offer.

Considering most of us don’t have any life-threatening commutes and weekend pool trips, this is less a survival bag, and more your daily needs bag for the city life, or for those fond of zombies, your Zombie Survival Bag(see above picture). Though personal preferences, and the size bag you’re willing to carry will vary, here’s one of our personal setups. If you’ve got a big enough purse, you may get out of needing a backpack so keep that in mind, ladies.

Featured image

Ours may not be quite the Zombie Survival Bag you wanted, but it makes a great versatile daily carry for us urban dwellers. Feel free to play “Where’s Waldo” with the list below for the picture.

Chrome Bravo

This is one helluva bag. Most of Chrome Industries Holds a small rooms worth of things when the rolltop is fully expanded. Compression straps on the front keep everything locked in place, or can be used to hold additional items that may not fit.

Fully waterproof, very comfortable to carry, looks pretty cool, and has a laptop sleeve as well. Really, it’s hard to beat this bag no matter where you look. The only complaint is the price, but despite this, it’s well worth it.

ThinkPad Edge E431

Most people carry a laptop around with them. If not, you probably have a tablet, or a big phone. It’s practically a necessity.

Lenovo makes many a good laptop, and this one sits right in the middle of being not too expensive and just powerful enough. It’s a bit bulkier than those Macbook Airs, but still slim enough to not really be noticed when carried about. Especially in a Chrome bag, as those backpacks are amazing.

Mid-Size Wireless Mouse

Assuming you are carrying about a laptop, it’s nice to have a travel sized wireless mouse with you.

These Kensingtons have an absolutely tiny USB dongle that you can leave plugged into your laptop. The mouse is also pretty small, and won’t take up too much space in your bag. Trackpads suck, and you know it.

64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

This goes on your keychain, because it’s super small and super handy. Pictures, resumes, music, whatever digital things you may ever need can fit on your key chain in this practically indestructible flash drive. Besides carrying files and the such, it’s great to have a flash drive on you whenever there’s a file you need to get from someone else. Seriously, you probably are a caveman if you don’t carry a flash drive with you these days.

Platypus PlusBottle

For starters, a liter of water is a lot. It’s 33 oz, which is just an ounce over that big cup you get at McDonald’s.

The great thing about these is they’re reusable, easy to fill up, and once empty, fold up into a tight little bundle that can fit in your pocket. Filled up, it’s got a reinforced handle for clipping to bags and such.

Most importantly: it has a platypus on it.

 UltraFire LED Flashlight

If you’ve got room in your bag, it’s always nice to have a small flashlight with you.

Sure, it won’t be used every day, but when you need it, you’ll be happy you had it.

Moleskine Volant Notebook

Sometimes it’s just better to bust out the pen and paper for whatever reason. Proof: How to Use a Simple Pocket Notebook to Improve Your Life.

These are tiny, sturdy, and colorful. Cheap, too. Go for it, you tech crazed animal.

Fisher Space Pen

Every good notebook needs a pen. These ones are space pens, which means they come from outer space, or something like that.

Actually, they just write really well, no matter how you hold it. Same thing though.

Izola Be Brave and True Pocket Knife

One part inspiration, one part multi tool.

Izola’s stainless steel pocket knife has all the things you’d need while maintaining a sleek profile. There’s a little pencil holder pocket in the Bravo bag that this guy fits perfectly in. Right next to a pen, flashlight and the notepad.

Gerber Shard Key chain Tool

Another item that actually goes on your key chain, and not in your bag but it’s too useful to be passed up.

The pry bar makes for an excellent opener of boxes, and the bottle opener the switch blade of bottle openers.

Lip Balm

Fantastic and life changing. Honestly, words can’t describe how great this stuff is, so go out on a limb and try some this one time. You’ll probably start buying it in bulk and hiding different flavors about your car, house and bag.

Ghost Playing Cards

Always have cards on you. That high-stakes poker game is just around the corner and there’s no reason to miss out on it just because no one had cards when the moment struck.

The ghost cards here look cool, but can actually be a bit difficult to play with do to the color scheme. Just a heads up.

A Good Book

No batteries and no noises. Works great as a barrier between you and the world if you need one.

If you need a book suggestion, we’ve got lots: BOOKSBooksand Books.

Lock Picks

Everyone wants to be a hero. A quick tutorial on lock picking, and there’s no reason not to carry them around (unless they’re illegal in your state, that is).

Sugar Free Gum

Five Sugar Free Gum, Cobalt Peppermint, 15 Piece Packages (Pack of 10)

Gum is the great equalizer for any social situation. Offer someone gum, instant friendship.

Also, having bad breath is the worst, so do yourself a favor.


He who has fire, has power.

Another item that might not be used every day, but it’s always handy to have a light when you actually need one.

STRONG & KIND Snack Bars

There’s nothing worse than being hungry and angry. Carrying any kind of snack is a good idea, but these protein packed granola bars are a strong candidate for being the best option.

They don’t melt in your bag, last forever, taste amazing, and are decently healthy. That’s a hard combo to beat.

Lightning Cable

As you can see, this bag contains an iPhone. (Which doubles as book and entertainment device when needed).

Having a dependable lightning cable is life changing. No longer must we rush home to charge, or beg a friend for some juice. Just like the fire, it’s another form of power having one of these on you.


If you wear glasses, you probably already carry one of these everywhere you go.

But, those with smartphones, tablets, and tendencies to be messy, carrying about a micro is a pretty handy idea.

Handcuff Key

You know, in case you’re wrongfully arrested or find yourself kidnapped or accidentally put on a pair of handcuffs.

It’s small and goes unobtrusively on your key chain. Why wouldn’t you carry one?


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