10 Tips to Win at Life: Post College

Top 10 Tips for Winning at Life After College Graduation

Great tips that are simple and any one who lacks direction should follow through on. See below for the short list, and check out Lifehacker’s article below for some exceptional writing.

  1. Think beyond work: Working isn’t everything. Travel, have fun, and live a little.
  2. Prepare for your first job: Resumes and interviews and being organized. Get it together.
  3. Deal with those student loans: Simple- get to paying this off.
  4. Work on gaining additional skills: Learn a language, coding, or any skill that you want.
  5. Get your money in order: Pay down debt. Invest.
  6. Find the best place to live: Look for what fits you and the career you have in mind.
  7. Figure out if grad school is worth it: It costs more money and time, but could pay off long term.
  8. Start cooking for real: Just find a few things you like, learn how to make them. And rice, because it’s easy.
  9. Know how to brand your degree: Spin even the most useless degree the right way and make some money.
  10. Keep building and maintaining friendships: Friends are hard to find post college. Don’t lose the ones you have.

Seriously, check out their article. You could spend a day reading all the links they have to each of these points.

Top 10 Tips for Winning at Life After College Graduation via Lifehacker


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