Guess what?!

I wrote a book….

That’s part of why this site/blog has been left unattended for so long. Sorry about that.
But, if you find yourself here, and what to see what I’ve been up to, here’s all the ways to see, and help get A Leaf and Pebble (said book) into peoples hands!

New website: Andrew Monroe


(Very small blog on there if you want to learn more).


Amazon Order Page: A Leaf and Pebble 

(You would make my day if you purchase the book, or share it with someone who would like it).


Facebook: Andrew Monroe

Give it a like, post pictures, comment your thoughts and feelings, and share with your friends. Get personal with the page.


Goodreads: A Leaf and Pebble by Andrew Monroe

If you’d share the book, recommend it to your friends, tell podcasters about it, review it, add to lists, or generally do anything at all in relation to Goodreads and that page, I’d love it.

Thanks guys…

-Andrew Monroe


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