Wine Tasting is a LIE!

Wine tasting is bullshit. Here's why.

Look, there’s not much you need to know on this.

Wine tasting is made up. Someone starts going on about it in front of you, slap ’em.

Here’s the skinny.

Wine aficionados (people who drink crazy amounts of wine over a long time): The more expensive the bottle, the better it tastes. There’s no hint of honey with a mix of the blood of new born baby tastes in the bottle. It’s probably just a subtle difference in quality.

Wine amateurs (anyone under 50, can’t pronounce cabernet sauvignon, or you’re reading this post): The less spent on the wine, the more likely you’ll like it.

Bottom line: There’s people that need slapping. It’s up to you.

Go checkout the article for some harder, faster facts. Studies abound.

Why Wine Tasting is Bullshit via io9


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