Pick Your Class:  RPGs and Fitness

Four Lessons Role Playing Games Can Teach You About Fitness

For the nerdy who want some muscles, ranging all the way to the fitness guru who could use a fresh perspective, this Lifehacker article is eye opening.

The four lessons.

  1. Everyone Starts at Level One
    1. Fitness is a skill
    2. You have to work your way up
  2. You Can Only Pick One Class
    1. You can’t do everything. Pick an area to pursue. Examples: Bodybuilding, Functionality, Marathon, etc…
  3. Take Advantage of Save Points
    1. Instead of giving up completely, just take a break. Restart your fitness.
    2. Just because you can’t beat the “boss” doesn’t mean you quit the game. Rest, and try something new.
  4. You Don’t Judge Your Character
    1. You aren’t in control of what you’ve been given. You’re only in control of beating the game.

The article is truly wonderful for everyone who’s ever played any kind of video game. Check it out.

Four Lessons Role Playing Games Can Teach You About Fitness via Lifehacker


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