Picture Books You’ll Love

1. Saga, Vol. 1 by Vaughan & Staples

With a fresh look at how epic space can be and the beauty of a master artist, Saga should have a spot in your bag reserved. It’s stirred up a fair bit of controversy with various factions so be warned- you might find something original and wonderful in these pages.

A story about a couple running across the galaxy from bounty hunters, war, and holding on to the hope that their child will have a better future. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of swords, lasers, spaceships and the such to keep you hooked.

2. Sex Criminals, Vol. 1 by Fraction & Zdarsky 

Yes, both the title and the cover may seem a bit risque. And yes, there is a bit of sex betwixt these pages.

BUT, you should still really want to check this book out. It’s funny, rather romantic, and beyond entertaining.

If you could freeze time with sex, I doubt you’d be able to resist becoming a bank robber either.

3. Rat Queens Volume 1: Sass & Sorcery by Wiebe, Tavishati, Upchurch, & Brisson

If you can say no to a book that says “Sass and Sorcery” on it, there’s something wrong with you. Doubly so if have a pair of eyes and see the cover art. Since those go hand-in-hand here, you’re doubly wrong for not having read this yet.

Taking your standard dungeoneering formula and turning it on it’s head with an all female party, this story about a town’s mercenaries being hunted by mysterious ninjas will have you rolling. Also, there’s an atheist cleric. If that doesn’t do it for you, roll for ironic humor.

4. Hawkeye, Vol. 1 by Fraction, Aja, & Pulido

Avengers has made a pretty good showing for itself. Everyone’s favorite hero should probably be Hawkeye, and if that is or isn’t the case, this graphic novel is for you.

It’s pretty dang funny for starters. There’s a good bit of purple, which is nice. And the dog is truly worth falling in love with. You don’t get better dogs than this. That’s right- A bow, lots of arrows, semi-talking dogs. Oh, and coffee. Dreams are made of this.

5. Unicorns Are Jerks by Theo Nicole Lorenz

A coloring book that doubles as your guide to why Unicorns are such douche-bags. If you didn’t know this already, you should probably grab a fat stack of crayons and this hilarious coloring book.

Yes, you can give it to a child if you want. It’d be a waste though.

6. Serenity: Leaves on the Wind by Joss Whedon

Firefly (the TV show) and it’s counterpart, Serenity (movie), should be mandatory viewing. Not that anyone’s saying you should be burned at the stake if you haven’t watched the series, but if they were… they’d be right.

This novel follows the movies tear inducing end with the crews continuation throughout the ‘verse. Beautiful art, poignant dialogue, space, and the beloved characters brought to life on paper. You could probably read it without watching the show, but it’d be like having a birthday cake with no candles or frosting.

7. Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland

One of the best and most talked of Batman comic/graphic novels out there. You don’t even have to be a fan of this kind of work and Alan Moore’s name should still be recognizable to you.

See the best that the Batman universe has to offer. The only regret you’ll have is how long it has taken to get to this point.

8. Coloring for Grown-Ups by Hunter & Jensen

OK, don’t give this one to a kid. It might be illegal. That said, you definitely want to grab those horribly sharp colored pencils and get to work. Grab a friend, grab a date, grab a stranger (if you’re into that kind of thing) and make it a group effort.

This coloring book will both entertain and depress you. Handle with care, you filthy animal.

9. The Essential Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Patterson

Imagine the best Sunday comic, multiply it one hundred times, mix in a special ingredient there isn’t a word for, and then repeat that process over and over again until you have a book worthy of joyful tears.

Or, if that sounds too complicated, go buy this. A story about a kid and his pet tiger, and all of the adventures they have. It could probably be categorized as a kid’s book, but the true substance here can only really be realized by someone who has already left their childhood behind.

10. Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser by Chaykin & Mignola

For those that love fantasy, swashbuckling, bromances, or any combination of these, this is your jam.

Follow Fafhrd and his friend, The Gray Mouser, as the drink and fight there way through a world set against them. Try not to relate too much.


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