Picking Your Life Partner: How To


A lot of people go about dating and marriage wrong. Of course, that’s everyone but you, right?

If you feel that there’s a bit more to learn on dating and marriage than you already know, or feel like this subject may be something you could use some insight on, check out the full article. It’s well worth it if you don’t mind half an hour of reading.

The short of it:

  • Picking a life partner is fully in your control.
  • Your happiness depends on the choice you make and who you do and don’t make it with.
  • Society has screwed us on how we think we are supposed to find the one.
  • Society just generally sucks.
  • Our bodies don’t help.
  • Avoid falling for certain types of people, or being said types.

At the very least, go look at all the fun drawings and headlines. Can’t hurt.

How to Pick Your Life Partner via Wait But Why


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