Gym Essentials: Ladies Edition

1. ASICS Singlet ($16)

Most gyms require shirts. You might as well be comfy and look good while at it.

These let your body breathe like it was meant to, come in a range of colors, are flexible, and have a sleek look. Complete All so you can work hard without sacrificing style.

2. ASICS No Show Socks ($16)

Yet another caveat of most gyms- you’ve gotta wear something on those feet. Since most shoes need socks, here’s some of the best out there when the comfort-to-price ratio is considered.

On top of keeping your feet cozy and cool, these won’t awkwardly peak out from your shoes if that matters to you. For those that don’t care, consider it a bonus.

3. Under Armour UA Shorts ($21)

There’s a reason Under Armour is such a prevalent brand. Their stuff is legit.

Complete range of motion paired with a stylish look is hard to beat. Add on the fact that these things will last longer than any five pairs of shoes and it’s a steal.

4. Muscle Roller Stick  ($18)

If you aren’t using a roller on those legs after a run, shame on you.

These will help relieve cramps and soreness, and prevent injury too. It’s pretty silly not to invest in one if you spend any amount of time in a gym or exercising.

5. Zing Anything Water Bottle($20)

Nothing is better than some citrus flavored water to go with your workout. This model includes a hands free flip up straw which is way more convenient than one would think.

Single use water bottles are terrible for the environment. Water fountains are gross. This is a must have.

6. Spalding Capri Legging ($18)

Sometimes, shorts just won’t cut it. And some people just like leggings better than shorts. Either way, no gym goer’s wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of leggings.

These are comfortable, and relatively cheap. It’s good for those spring and summer workouts with the light fabric and capri cut. Worth a try if you’re on the fence about what to wear when you want to do abs at the gym.

7. Moving Comfort Fiona Bra ($46)

A sports bra is usually an annoyance that leaves you feeling constricted and unsupported all at once. Thankfully, there’s a genius out there who made the most comfortable and gym friendly sports bra you’ll ever try.

For further proof, go check out the reviews on this thing. You’d be doing you and your ladies a favor.

8. JAX In-Ear Headphones  ($30)

Jax’s headphones are the perfect middle ground for comfort, sound, and price. The flat cords help keep them from being tangled, which is huge if you somehow haven’t experienced how annoying that can be.

Sound quality on these is where most of us mortals need it. If you are an actual musician, or have an exceptionally good ear, you might notice they’re not as great as other headphones. But when it comes down to it, do you really need studio quality sound at the gym?

9. Kalon Leggings  ($23)

When things are tad bit nippy, a little bit longer and thicker leggings will be your best friend.

These are pretty comfortable year round, so don’t worry about only getting to use them for a short period of time. They’re still pretty cheap, too.

10. The Gripper Glove  ($30)

Keep those pretty hands soft and smooth with some gloves.

These are minimalistic, fit rather snug, and come in some fun colors. Well worth the money if you don’t want raptor hands.

11. Nike Signal T-Shirt  ($32)

If you aren’t into tank tops, these Nike T’s are incredible. Comfy and modest, and it breathes like no ones business.

If you’re a fan of looking good and feeling better in your clothes, you’ll be blown away by this shirt.

12. Nike Women’s Pro 3″ Swift Shorts ($40)

Sometimes you want leggings without all that leg being covered up. Sometimes, a flash of color is needed. And sometimes, you want to be awesome.

When all three of those meet up, you get the Nike Swifts.

13. Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes  ($100)

Saving the most important gym piece for last- the shoes.

Your first priority, no matter what form of exercise you plan on doing, should be footwear. Injuries of all kinds stem from improper shoes. The Nike Free is a stellar, all around use shoe. It has a very small drop from heel to toe, which is great for those who like to squat, clean, or perform any other power lifting exercises. The padding helps cushion feet while running and/or sprinting, saving you the pain that would normally come with “barefoot” like shoes.

If you’re into Crossfit, you know that almost all the workouts are a combination of these. It’s hard to find a shoe that can balance between running and lifting, but luckily for you the search has come to an end. Be smart and save the pain for the workout. An injury from wearing bad shoes is too easy to prevent and shouldn’t happen to the intelligent gym goer.

And as we all know, color is pretty important. The Nike Free comes in enough colors to satisfy your wildest dreams, so don’t worry about that either.


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