Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon

Probably the best Marvel graphic novel (kinda specific, deal with it) out there. It’s written by Matt Fraction, the same guy who brought us the hilarious Sex Criminals which made Harketh’s list of Picture Books.

It’s a brilliant take on the every day life of a superhero without super powers. Quick to read, but the art will demand your time and admiration. If Hawkeye isn’t your favorite avenger yet, he sure will be soon. Plus- everyone could use more pizza dog, aka Lucky, especially if you haven’t met him yet.

Truly, this will be a step towards having a happier life. Take that step.

For further proof, check out Kotaku and io9’s articles below.

1) io9’s “6 Reasons Why Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye Is One of Marvel’s Greatest Comics”

6 Reasons Why Matt Fraction's Hawkeye Is One of Marvel's Greatest Comics

2) Kotaku’s “Bro, Read The Great Hawkeye Series That Just Ended. Bro. Seriously.”

Bro, Read The Great Hawkeye Series That Just Ended. Bro. Seriously.

(Pizza dog, AKA Lucky. He will even melt a horse person’s weird-ass heart)


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