Skillet S’mores

And ~SCOOP~ like there's no tomorrow:

Holy crap these things look amazing.

If you aren’t a fan of smelling like smoke, rocking some red, irritated eyes, and coughing every five minutes just for your favorite campfire treat, try this super simple recipe out.

  • Oven: 450 Degrees
  • Skillet: Butter/Grease the skillet, pour in a bag of chocolate chips, cover with marshmallows.
  • Bake until those gooey gifts from God are golden.
  • Grab some graham crackers and dig in.

They have some glorious pictures of the process, including the above on the article. Check it out and finally realize this is what heaven looks like.

These Skillet S’mores Are Downright Brilliant via Buzzfeed


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