Game Night Essentials

1. Boss Monster  ($19)

Boss Monster is a side-scrolling, dungeon-building game where you and your friends are the big and bad boss the pesky hero is always trying to kill.

Your dungeon competes against your friend’s to lure the heroes in with treasure, while still being deadly enough that they can’t reach the end. Collect enough hero’s souls before your friends, you win. It’s a delicate but fun balancing act, and a game is finished in about 30 mins, so it’s not too long. There’s lots of jokes hidden away in the game, too, so keep your eyes peeled.

This is an incredibly fun game.

2. Carcassonne($28)

Awkwardly hard-to-spell title aside, Carcassonne is a blast. Unlike a lot of games, it’s mostly competitive in a gentler, less cutthroat way. Each person takes turns laying a tile on the ever expanding map you and your friends are building. There’s only one winner, but everyone gets to play all the way through, and the winner isn’t usually clear until the end of the game.

It’s a nice middle ground for those who like competitive play, and those who don’t want to lose a friend after the games over.

3. The Settlers of Catan($33)

One of the most popular tabletop games to date, Settlers of Catan is a must have for anyone who hasn’t played it.

Yes, the cover looks boring. Yes, the name isn’t very inspiring. Ignore these and trust the market- there’s a reason this game sells so many copies year after year. It’s way more fun than you’d guess.

Essentially, it’s a dice rolling game where you gather resources, build, and trade with your fellow players. (We won’t use the term friend here, as they most likely won’t be by the time the games over.)

Buzzfeed has a pretty funny article on Catan here. If you want to be in on the joke, give the game a try.

4. Munchkin Deluxe($20)

This game is the true friendship slayer. Munchkin is devious, hilarious, fantastical and wild, but it’s almost guaranteed that one person will walk away in a fuming rage when it’s over. More likely, everyone will, including the winner. Still- there’s countless hours of fun to be had.

This card game is based around dungeoneering with the intent of leveling up your character. First to level ten wins. Cards can be added to your character to make it stronger, more dangerous, and more classy. Each person can help or hinder the other on each turn. It’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had making your “friends” cry.

5. Small World ($35)

Another fun take on the fantasy genre, Small World is a empire building game where players take turns trying to expand the turf they own. Each race has their own unique abilities, and as the title hints, there’s not enough room for everyone.

It’s a fun and competitive game without being quite as cutthroat as others. Small World is also pretty easy to learn, and the play time is shorter than a lot of the others. All other bonuses aside, this game is fresh and original. Well worth looking into.

6. Ghost Playing Cards ($8)

Some game nights require cards. Poker, Spades (best card game ever), War, Egyptian Rat Screw, etc….

When these nights come along, it’s nice to have some higher quality cards than the standard fare on offer at Joe Smoe’s house. Bicycle has a whole line of premium, uniquely designed cards that will fit any personality.

7. Das Horn Drinking Vessel  ($25)

What’s a game night without drinks? Answer: hasn’t been discovered yet.

Better yet, drinks from a drinking horn. Fill it with wine, beer, apple juice, water, or whatever you have on hand. Having a horn in your hand instead of a cup will make things taste ten times better, and every game you play at least three times more fun.

8. Shot Glass Roulette($12)

Ok, so you don’t like strategy. That’s cool. This one’s for you.

Spin the wheel, and see if luck is on your side.

9. Aluminum Dice ($7)


Dice are hard to keep up with, we all know that. More importantly, you need a boat load of them to play liar’s dice.

If you haven’t played before, check out Instructables how to guide here.

Besides, these suckers are sexy.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to try small world for a while now, thanks for the reminder!

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