Gifts For Those Who Have Everything

1. Slip N Slide  ($10)

Big or little, everyone loves a slip ‘n slide.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience this (shame on you and your family), it’s pretty much a long piece of slick plastic with water jets to keep it continuously slippery and slidey.

2. Dinosaur Egg Classic Wooden Puzzle ($13)

Dinosaurs are cool. Puzzles are entertaining. Combine the two, and you have a novel and unique gift.

Even if they don’t like puzzles, it makes for a wonderful desk ornament/paper weight. And, they’ll think that you think they’re smart, which is a sneaky gift of its own.

3. Grappling Hook With Rope ($16)

No wall or roof or tree-caught frisbee will ever stand in the way of a good time again. A relatively cheap, and very stable (though quite hard to climb) grappling hook/rope combo makes that ninja in your life the happiest person alive.

Don’t worry, they’re just as dangerous as they look. Enjoy!

4.Dry Erase Brush-On Kit ($20)

You can paint a white board on to anything! If that’s not a super power, nothing is.

This is a bit more geared toward the DIY’er, but if that’s you and not the gift receiver, you could always paint something for them. The paint goes on without much prep work besides some surface polishing, and there’s actually a large amount in the can. It’s a pretty good deal on the price/volume ratio.

5. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster ($20)

No matter what someone says before hand, you give ’em a Nerf gun and they will be filled with childish joy. Which is promptly followed with shooting everyone in the face for the next hour.

Since this is inevitable, you might as well make it worthwhile by getting them one of the coolest Nerf guns ever made.

6. Mini Trampoline ($40)

When flying isn’t an option, bouncing really high is a nice second place. These single person, tiny and portable trampolines are a blast. Also doubles as a chair at any outdoor activities you don’t feel like sitting on the hard, unforgiving ground.

Yes, this too can be a tad bit dangerous. If children can use it without dying, so can the rest of us.

7. Gold & Black Calculator Watch ($52)

Product Details

Get some bling up in here! Nothing says best gift giver ever than a classy gold calculator watch.

OK, there are a few items in life that may be better, but they aren’t on this list. It’s fully functional, fully nerdy, and fully yours for barely the price of a nice dinner.

8. Double Hammock with Stand  ($130)

If you’re wanting to really put a fun spin on gifts, a hammock is hella cool. Throw in an Eye Patch, and maybe some rum if you like that kind of thing, and you will never miss an invite to any party ever again. Note- it does say double. Guess who gets first dibs when this baby is busted out? That’s right, you do.

Side note: All these gifts seem to string together into a very interesting series of events. Possibly, a spy with a valuable white-board-painted dinosaur egg having to slip, hop, and climb his way to the hammock of safety, while repelling children with his incredibly versatile Nerf gun, all a race against time.

If such a thing were to happen, Harketh wouldn’t mind a little credit….


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