Guy’s Watches To Pass The Time With

Nothing too complicated here- just a bunch of watches in case you’re looking to get one. They get cheaper the lower you go, so skip to the bottom if you’re wanting a $16 show stopper.

Our recommendations are marked with *X*.

1. Patek Philippe Calatrava ($94,776)

Product Details

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Here’s the most expensive watch you can get on Amazon. For perspective, and any billionaires who would like to drop a wad of cash on this. (While you’re at it, Harketh loves money and wouldn’t mind a donation.)

2. Citizen Navihawk Analog ($522)

Product Details

If you like big, flashy and expensive, look no further. You’d probably need a map to read the time with this sucker, but who cares.

Also, this makes for a great prop if you run out of money at the poker table and need to throw out something valuable to double down on that bet.

3. Seiko Two-Tone Kinetic ($219)

Product Details

A bit flashy with the black/gold color scheme, a bit minimalistic on the watch face, and actually affordable for us mortals.

Looks good and is highly reviewed on Amazon. Bonus: no batteries required.

4. Invicta Automatic Skeleton($200)

Product Details

Skeleton watches are truly beautiful. This “bridge” alternative is the stuff of dreams for steampunkers and those too stylish for your average-faced watch.

5. Motorola Moto 360 ($198) *X*

Unlike some of the other smart watches, the Moto 360 looks like an actual watch you’d want to wear.

On top of this, having a smart watch is pretty dang cool. If you are OK with a bit more technology in your life, this would be an exceptional choice to move forward with.

6. Citizen Eco-Drive “Axiom” ($187)

Product Details

Black on black color scheme makes for a striking piece from Citizen.

For you night owls, this may not be the best choice as there is no back-lighting. But at any day-time weddings and the such, you’ll be sure to catch a fair bit of interest with this one.

 7. Bulova Precisionist ($166)

Product Details

A big, beautiful watch with just a hint of color on the face. It’s got a classy, subtle feel to its numberless dial.

This is a watch for those who already have enough panache to spare, and don’t need anything flashy added to their wardrobe.

8. Skagen Grenen Stainless Steel($165)

Product Details

Here’s a watch that get’s more interesting the closer you look at it.

First, the beautiful leather straps, accented with a black case and rose-gold metalwork on the face.

Then, you get down and see the month, day and military time in the secondaries. It’s complicated without being crowded. A good blend for those who want simplicity without sacrificing functionality.

9. Skagen Ancher Stainless Steel ($146)

Product Details

Similar in functionality as the previous Skagen, this one comes with a less bold color scheme and more minimal feel to its face.

The gunmetal grey and the secondary face layout is a bit more appealing to those with straightforward personalities. A bit less flash with the same hard working simplicity a quality Skagen offers.

10. Stuhrling Millennia Automatic Skeleton ($145) *X*

Product Details

Stuhrling’s skeleton watches can be found in every shape, size and color. This one beats out many of the others by including an easy to read face while maintaining the see through appeal of the more common skeleton watch.

This also makes a great in between for those who like skeletons but aren’t quite ready to commit to the bolder, fully see through versions.

11. Skagen Melbye Grey Titanium ($124)

Product Details

Another Skagen, but rocking their incredibly cool mesh strap.

This is the kind of watch you can transfer between casual clothes and your business/wedding attire. Bonus: You can swim with it.

12. Skagen Ancher Stainless Steel($102) *X*

Product Details

Another Skagen, but all black this time, with that painfully cool mesh strap.

This is an incredibly affordable and reliable watch, especially if you only need one to keep time for you.

No frills. It’s a perfectly minimal watch for a perfect price.

13. Skagen Ancher Quartz ($98)

Product Details

A little more readable than other Skagens, the main appeal of this one is the lower price and the unique leather strap.

It might not be as wearable with your suit as some others on this list, but it sure looks special.

14. Stuhrling Pocket Watch($92)

Product Details

To the gentleman that prefer pocket watches, we salute you.

Adding on to the already unique appeal of a pocket watch, Stuhrling out does itself with a skeleton style version, being able to see the gears both front and back.

You will be the most interesting person around when you pull this sucker out.

15. Casio G-Shock Solar ($90)

Product Details

There’s nothing glamorous about this watch. If you wore it with anything but gym shorts you’ll probably be looked down upon by those who notice.

But, this is also one of the best selling watches on amazon for good reason. Any time you need a watch while exercising or doing anything strenuous or with a chance of force being applied to your timepiece, the G-Shock comes into play.

It’ll stand up to anything you throw at it and has an easy to read face. Perfect for runners and cross-fitters.

16. Fossil Cuff Chronograph($87)

Product Details

Fossil has an interesting color scheme here, and a strap that leans more towards bracelet than watch band.

Definitely a casual wear watch, but if you don’t suit up very often, it’s pretty reasonably priced and won’t let you or your bad-ass self down.

17. Stuhrling Ascot Silver-Tone ($82)

Product Details

Some people want to go old school with their wrist piece. This may look like your grandpa’s watch, but it’s a perfectly subtle piece when you don’t want to be calling attention to your hands when fate gave you such a charming smile.

Since it’s a Stuhrling, you know it’s worth the price tag and you won’t have to worry about not having the time ever again.

18. Invicta Pro Diver ($69)

Product Details

Gold, blue, black, and white. This is not a subtle watch, and neither is it small.

For the bold and frugal, this diver watch was made for you. Invicta doesn’t slouch on their time keepers either, so no worries on craftsmanship.

19. Casio Calculator Watch($16) *X*

Product Details

For those days you need to do some math and still look good, or impress your homies with an odd mix of functionality and 80’s nostalgia: the calculator watch.

For $16 you won’t be disappointed. In some instances, this piece may be more eye catching than the rest of those on this list. It all depends on who you hang with.

Bonus Tip #1:

There’s some pretty entertaining watches over at Nixon. If you want something a bit weirder, wilder, and don’t mind paying extra for slightly less quality items, go check out their store front. Eye-catching conversation starters galore.

Check it out: Nixon Watches

Bonus Tip #2:

If you’re looking for some deals on watches, and don’t mind a bit of legwork, Amazon Lightning has some incredible deals each day. The watches will sell out pretty quick, so you will want to check it frequently.

Bonus Tip #3:

Maybe you don’t actually mind what the exact time is. If you’re into something more unique, there’s the 24 hour “Slow” watches. Pretty dang cool.

Check it out: slow watches.


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