Bachelor Pad Must Haves

If you want to turn heads with your home, or just be incredibly comfortable and enjoy life, this is the shopping list you need. Beyond these things, you’re probably just being wasteful with your space and money.


1. Tuft & Needle 10-Inch Mattress($600)

In all bachelor pads, your first priority is a great bed. These are a standout option that are the perfect middle ground between a traditional mattress and a memory foam version.

2. 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set($60)

Every great bed needs sensual sheets that look just as good as you.

3. Fleece Blanket with Sherpa Backing($65)

Despite your bed looking great, you want to have something to cuddle. An enormous blanket is a must have. Especially on this soft.

4. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow ($50)

A pillow is quite important to the bedroom. Shredded memory foam is heaven, don’t let yourself down. It’s a hard thing to describe, but this pillow can best be labeled as the softest, firmest, and most comfortable pillow you’ve ever used. Bonus: makes for a killer weapon in any pillow fight.

5. Room-Darkening Curtains($35)

There’s a lot of research on sleep going around, but one of the most agreed upon facts is the darker, the better you sleep. These will do the trick, while looking stylish.

6. Hook Single Rack($13)

There’s always crap that ends up on the floor. Backpacks, jackets, hats, the works. These pieces on the floor make you look like an uncivilized slob. But you drop them on a cool hook rack, and you are ten shades of suave.


1. Death Star Ice Cube Tray($4)

Better than boring old square ice cubes. Better than sex, if you’re a Star Wars fan.

2. 13-Inch Slate Steak Plate($50)

Probably the classiest plate ever. Get four of these, and it your dinner party will be blown away no matter what you cook up.

3. Flatware set, stainless steel($16)

Quirky and unique silverware. Those spoons will make your ice cream taste 50% better.

4. Soapstone Shot Glasses($30)

The great thing about soapstone, you can put them in the freezer and you have perfectly chilled and sexy shot glasses. They make all drinks a notch higher on the classy scale.

5. KitchenAid Food Chopper ($40)

When you need a smoothie, frozen margarita, some homemade protein bars, or anything that needs to be pulverized, this is the contraption you want. It’s the best without breaking the bank.

6. Classic Waffle Maker($30)

You need a waffle maker. Explanation: click here.

7. Green Earth Frying Pan($31)

This non -stick, ceramic skillet is all you need for the stove top.  It’s just deep enough to hold soups and such, but is still wieldable. You didn’t know omelettes could be this easy.

8. Ceramic Knife$15

Ceramic is the way to go, if you haven’t picked up on that. These knives are sharp as Harketh’s metaphor game, and look so good it hurts a little. This 5″ should cover everything from cooking preparation to eating that steak you just skilleted up.

9. Double Barrel Insulated Mug/Coffee Cup($20)

You know you want a mug that looks like a barrel that is 10x the coffee cup than whatever old piece of junk you’d been using.

Entertainment/Living Room

1. 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair($303)

Giant. Beanbag. Couch. If you don’t already want this, you’re wrong.

2. Paint Splashes World Map ($82)

Everyone needs at least one (no more than two) pieces of art in your main living area. Don’t put up a picture of a horse, you aren’t fooling anyone. Horse people are crazy, don’t give that vibe. This map covers your bases. It has color, it has taste, it looks fly. Can’t go wrong here.

3. Stereo Turntable ($46)

This may not be for everyone, but records are making a decent comeback as an alternative means to listening to music. It’s worth a visit to your bachelor pad on its own. Also acts as a hook up for your ipod and what-nots, so you’re covered everywhere.

4. Google Chromecast  ($28)

The chromecast is a handy little entertainment tool.  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and any other internet entertainment thing-a-mabob can be streamed to your TV from this. And by TV, I mean projector (see below),

5. Optoma HD Home Theater Projector($575)

TV’s are cool and all, but they take up space. And they are usually kind of heavy. Get your entertainment fix without these problems, and find yourself a projector with High-Def capabilities. Movie night will never be the same, or at anyone else’s house.

6. Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection ($372)

You can’t really have a bachelor pad without an Xbox. It’d be like having a man cave without beer. And an Xbox without Halo is like a man without a beard. (Harketh obviously nailed the verbal reasoning on the SAT)

7. Exploding Kittens: Original Edition($20)

Sometimes, going analogue is the best form of entertainment. If laughing till you cry is something you enjoy, this game will rock your world.


1. Over-the-Faucet Shelf($12)

Having a clean bathroom is a must. This over the faucet shelf will make things a lot more organized, and is pretty easy to clean.

2. Shaving Set ($84)

Whether you’re shaving your legs or your face, a safety razor will change your life. No more razor burn, no more extravagant costs. Once you get past the initial price of equipment, you can get hundreds of razors for a couple bucks. And did we mention no razor burn? Because that is pretty dang awesome.

3. EO Hand Soap, Peppermint and Tea Tree($18)

There’s no reason for you, or your guests, to be using second rate soap. Get something that smells good, and makes you actually want to wash your hands. Tea Tree oil is magical, FYI.

4. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale($120)

OK, having a scale in the bathroom is scary. We don’t necessarily encourage people to watch their weight, But this fitbit smart scale will give you a lot more than just your weight, and hopefully can help encourage you to keep that fitness regime going strong.

5. Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker($10)

Showers and music go together like PB&J. $10 to make mornings awesome? Heck ya.

Odds & Ends

1. 8-Outlet with 4-USB Output Power Strip ($32)

With both USB and regular outlets, this sucker is pretty handy. Also, the tower design is ingenious. Death to the strip. You should probably have one in every room.

2. Candle – Bergamot Tobacco ($25)

Average people have average smelling homes. Don’t be average. This candle will greet you with rich and inviting warmth every day when you walk in.

3. Corner Wall Mount Shelf($40)

We all have those knick-knacks that need something to sit on. Books, interesting gifts, a picture of the family, etc…. The corner shelf is unobtrusive and perfect for anything that needs a shelf while maintaining a classy feel to the room.

4. Folding Memory Foam Mattress($100)

Sometimes, a friend needs to crash at your place. Forget offering them a couch. These fold out mattresses make for an exponentially better crash pad, and can double as a seat or movie night cushion. When not in use, fits under the couch or in the closet with ease.

5. String Lights with Bulbs($25)

Lamps are kinda lame. Some string lighting stays out of your floor space, and makes for a great touch in almost any room.


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