Rogue Daily Wear and Carry

First off, go check out our starter guide to D&D if you’ve not played before or just want to click about.

This is the first post in a series that will be daily carry essentials for classes based on the classic archetypes. Enjoy!


The most important part of the daily carry, your bag.

Timbuk2 makes some exceptionally tough bags that look stylish along with having plenty of pockets to stash stuff.

Bag Inventory:

Seriously, what modern rogue would be caught without lock picks? They’re even mostly legal to carry, depending on the state you live in.

Red light flashlights are harder to see from a distance, and don’t mess up one’s night vision nearly as much as the regular kind. Obviously a must have for any rogue out on the town after the sun goes down.

These sweet shades double as rearview mirrors, allowing you to see if anyone is behind and/or following you. Kinda handy, eh?

Modern technology means you need some modern tools to get your rogeuing done. Enter the absolutely tiny USB with a fairly large bit of storage. Put some digital tools on it, or a host of movies if you get bored easily.

Jaxon Hats Crushable Pork Pie Hat

A hat is a deceptively good disguise. For reals, try it sometime. Throw a hat on, and change your jacket and you are suddenly unrecognizable. It’s pretty cool.

Water bottle:

Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Hip Flask Assorted Colors, 8oz, Black

You don’t have to put no no juice in here, but there’s a certain reputation to uphold for those rogues running about.

P.S. Tea works really well too if you’re needing something invigorating.


Everyone should be carrying a knife of some kind. It’s been determined that a nice, slim blade would be best for the conditions one might be found in late at night.

Keychain Accessory:

Also legal to carry, in most places, and so small and non-descript that you’ll forget you even have them until you find yourself handcuffed in one form or fashion, you kinky devil.


There’s something about playing cards and rogue-types that goes together like the moon and stars. They should be had. Plus, these are all plastic cards, so there’s no worries about elements or drinks affecting your poker night and card tricks.


Small, compact, and relatively cheap as far as the tablet/laptop combo is concerned. It’s easy to use as well, and reliable. Really, anyone would be happy with one of these suckers, not just your average rogue.

A classy smartwatch is partly a testament to your rogue skills, and partly a handy tool when you aren’t looking to be messing with your phone constantly (i.e. whenever you need both hands for something).


Pocket Map

Such comfort as this is usually left to sweatpants and pajamas. The amount of pockets and versatility only ever found in those god-awful cargo pants people still wear for some reason.

Unlike any of these, SCOTTeVEST is stylish and wonderful and even allowed in public.


Good looking jeans, with the right dark wash to blend with all situations, are hard to find. Said jeans with full range of mobility are nigh impossible to acquire. Barbell will occasionally run out of stock on their stuff, but these are the only jeans that you can actually run about and parkour and such in.


Product Details

Ninja shoes, baby. They may stick out a bit in the daylight, but during the wee hours of the night no one will know. The maneuverability in these guys will have you leaping off of high places, climbing into restricted areas, and generally being an awesome rogue.


A little bit on the nose, but that usually fits the rogue archetype.  Giggle as the crossfitters greet you as brethren, and then stare in awe as you backflip away.


Silver Leaf Necklace Knife: For Men & Women

A rogue can never have too many knives. As a last resort, there’s this wicked leave shaped necklace knife. All the style you could want, with all the usefullness a rogue should have in his or her daily carry.


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