Gateway Tabletop Games

If you DON’T have a passion for board games (the real kind, not that Cranium bullsh*t), you need to get on the level. Here’s some good games that will get you there.

If you DO have a passion for said games, here’s the stuff that will get your friends liking it too, so you can stop playing your mom and her bridge friends.

The full article is glorious, as it includes ten wildly different games and the evolutionary version of whichever gateway game you get your friends to agree to play. It’s a decently short yet in depth article on everything the basic boardgamer  needs in their life.

For a quick break down, here’s just the 10 games that they consider gateway drugs, and links to amazon because we like getting that affiliate money when you go clicking our links.

Seriously, all these games are gold.

  1. Catan 5th Edition (People go nuts for this. It’s your safe bet, but not our first choice)
  2. Ticket To Ride (Another safe bet. Trains are making a comeback)
  3. Pandemic (The co-op game of choice)
  4. Dominion (For those with long memories and a taste for novelty)
  5. Stone Age  (If you need to appeal to a diverse, less serious gaming group)
  6. 7 Wonders (When you want a game that’s BIG)
  7. King of Tokyo (Fun over strategy)
  8. Citadels  (Friendship ending, simple yet great. Second place pick for us)
  9. Carcassonne (Our personal favorite)
  10. Takenoko (You like pandas? This is your game.)

Go check out the full article, especially if you’ve seen or played any of these games before. Their “going deeper” addition on each game is great information for when you’ve played a bit too much Catan but don’t know what to do with yourself now.

The 10 Essential Gateway Boardgames for Converting Non-Gamers via Paste Magazine


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