Office Products So Work Doesn’t Suck

Best Boss Mug

No, you’re not giving this to your boss. This mug is for you, and to keep the management on its toes. Let them know you’re coming for them.

Coffee Mug Warmer

There’s nothing worse than lukewarm coffee. Well, Monday’s in general, and any meeting with HR, but outside of that, coffee is meant to be hot and wonderful.

Build-On Book Ends

You can put Legos on book ends! Imagine the possibilities! (Having books at work makes you smart. We’ve been told this by many reliable sources that in no way would have lied about such a thing.)

Chalkboard Decals

Stick-on chalkboards are way more fun than whiteboards. Everyone in the office will be jealous and might even write you loving notes while you’re in the restroom.

Gooseneck Tablet Stand

Why doesn’t everyone have one of these? Hands free tableting. The possibilities (and games) are endless.

Phone Charging Station

Turn a charging phone into an old-school looking telephone? That’s pretty sweet.

R2-D2 Desk Vacuum

It’s adorable! How could anyone not be cheered up by R2-D2 Vacuuming their desk?

Sword Handle Eraser

No longer will a pencil just be a pencil. The time of the pencil sword is here! Battle everyone at the office to establish a new hierarchy.

Clip-on Cup Holder

An ingenious way to keep drinks at your desk. No more spills or rings. Extra desk space too!

Monitor Memo Mustache

Give your monitor some class, and a handy place to put all those sticky notes you’ve been leaving yourself.

Animal Sticky Notes

Oh, you want cooler sticky notes? Here’s some cute animal ones. If they’re not manly enough for you, check out these Pac Man stickies.

Mini-Office Humidifier

Life changing. Throw some essential oils in and you’ll be able to take whatever the office throws at you.

Adjustable Desk

This desk can be used for both sitting and standing. Let’s be honest, no one can stand at a desk all day and be productive. Most of us are not built for that after years of sitting. But a few hours of standing? Bam! Health benefits, baby!

Remote Desk Turret

Keep your office enemies away with this desk turret. Or, when things get to tough, you can shoot the missiles at yourself and feel invincible as they ping off you.


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