Batman Fact Fever (90’s kids)

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There’s a lot of guana going around about Batman, but for those born in the 90’s the best Batman also happened to be the craziest. For the short attention spanned, here’s your bullets.

  • Batman Outsmarts The Riddler So Hard He Goes Insane
  • Owning Clark Kent as Bruce Wayne, and Superman as Batman
  • Bruce Wayne Kills a Crocodile with His Bare Hands
  • Batman takes on the Injustice Gang
  • Batman Overpowers Doctor Destiny
  • Batman Infiltrates Amanda Waller’s Home, Undetected
  • Batman Can Use the President’s Private Line
  • Batman Beats Up All The Gods

For everyone who enjoys pictures and an article longer than 200 words, go look at the full piece!

8 Batshit Crazy Facts About The Best Batman Ever via Dorkly


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