Intelligence Comes in All Sizes

That’s right, there’s apparently a whole slew of professional types who have agreed on nine distinct areas of intelligence.

The breakdown goes as follows, simplified for us simple people.

1. Spatial- navigation and building expertise. Famous Person: Frank Lloyd Wright.

2. Naturalist- gardening and horse lovers (eye roll). Famous Person: Charles Darwin.

3. Musical- musician and critic. Famous Person: Ludwig van Beethoven.

4. Logical- math and science chops. Famous Person: Albert Einstein.

5. Existential- philosopher. Famous Person: Aristotle.

6. Interpersonal- people skills. Famous Person: Neil Strauss.

7. Kinesthetic- physical prowess. Famous Person: Bruce Lee.

8. Linguistic- articulate and wordy. Famous Person: John Keats.

9. Intrapersonal- personal introspection pro. Famous Person: Friedrich Nietzsche.

Because nothing is complete without an infographic, here’s a really cool one the original article has with it.


Go check out the fuller article if you want some deeper information on each type of intelligence.

9 Types of Intelligence via Funders and Founders



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