Great Gifts For Guys

Disclaimer: There’s not a lot of color up in these products. Boys will be boys…(?)

1. Credit Card Sized Folding Knife ($5)

Slick, clever and cheap. This thing should really be called a credit card shaped knife, as it folds up to look like to one.

If you need a gift on the fly, this paired with a high five will get you pretty far.

2. Shard Keychain Tool ($6)

Slightly less dangerous than a knife, and probably more useful: the shard.

Made by Gerber, it’s practically indestructible unless you put a mind to it. Bottle opener, pry bar/box opener (unbelievably handy), and screwdriver. Just the right size for any guys pocket.

3. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25, Grapefruit & Ginger ($8)

Most guys aren’t a fan of chapstick. Jack Black’s lip balm will change their mind. Flavored with out being extreme or disgusting. Lasts ridiculously long. Oh, and it protects against sun damage if you weren’t convinced this was your new hero yet.

Good looking and kissable lips shouldn’t be so underrated. Help a brother out.

4. UltraFire LED Flashlight  ($9)

Bright as the fiery sun itself! This disproportionately small flashlight will blind you and impress everyone else with the output it’s capable of.

Solid gift for a guy who tends to already have everything he wants.

5. Navy-Blue, Flat-End Tie With White Dots ($10)

Product Details

For the burgeoning fashionista, or the man with a sadly uninspired wardrobe.

A flat, woven tie bridges the gap between casual and professional, being appropriate in either setting. The navy and white color scheme goes with practically any outfit, and elevates the wearer into the respectable world of “stylish.”

For those who don’t want to spend much, but also don’t want anyone else to know that, this tie looks and feels far more expensive than the measly ten bucks it costs.

6. Transformer USB Flash Drive 8GB ($11)

Don’t trust a guy who doesn’t like transformers. He’s probably demon spawn or something*, and you don’t need people like that in your life.

It’s a bit larger than your average USB, but this isn’t the kind of thing you should hide from the world either. Hella fun, to boot.

*horse person, more than likely.

7. Key Knife  ($11)

Oh look, something sharp and black, again. Do guys not get tired of this crap? (No, they do not.)

A sneaky way to have a knife on you at all times. This little key blade will cut through all those annoying things that tend to need cutting when you don’t have a knife, and generally be unobtrusive on your key ring when not needed. If that sounds like something a guy may need, here is the thumbs up it’s worth getting.

8. Sipping Stones  ($12)

A necessity for the snobbish whiskey drinker, or person who thinks rocks are cooler than ice when imbibing liquids.

For those with younger tastes, a cup of Capri Sun has never looked as sophisticated as when chilled with sipping stones.

9. Moleskine Classic Notebook($13)

Journals are nice and all, but a Moleskine notebook is far handier, has less expectations, and will probably get you in their will if you include a “From: *Your Name Here*” on the inside cover.

The pages don’t bleed ink. It has a slim enough profile to fit in any bag or on any desk. They are drop-dead sexy. That’s all you need to know.

10. Grave Before Shave Beard Oil  ($14)

If your man-bro has a beard, he needs beard oil. This doesn’t just apply to the lumbersexual mountain-man beards you see on instagram, either. Anything from a solid five-o-clock shadow to the viking like bush hiding a baby face needs lubrication.

Grave Before Shave makes the best price/per ounce oil out there. No more beard dandruff. Just soft, warm manliness.

11. LighterBro – Lighter Multi-tool  ($14)

At this point, sharp and black has to be a joke, right?

A clever device you clip over a lighter that provides the following: Scissors, bottle opener, knife, and micro screw driver.

When pocket space is at a premium, this is a must have. Plus, it’s really just neat.

12. Desktop Gong ($16)

Devastatingly cool. Compact. Loud.

If your bro is needing some pizzaz in his life, here you are. Can also be used to announce all manner of things, activities or generally drive a room mate nuts.

13. Tobacco and Patchouli Candle ($16)

Candles that smell this good are a win for everyone. A bit on the small side, it makes up for a lack in quantity with excess in quality.

Such a smooth, manly smell. Freshens up any room, and takes the cake at any birthday.

14. “The Architect” Paper Wallet  ($17)

Paper Wallet Men's Unique The Architect Tyvek Wallet By Hadrien Degay Delpeuch 8" X 3" / 20 X 8 Cm (Open) White, Black, Light Blue

Back to that pocket space we were speaking of….

Traditional wallets usually inspire excess and bulk. Here, you can find a more modern take on the wallet. Tear resistant and sturdy, not to mention incredibly slim, these wallets make for a beautiful gift.

Six or so cards, a wad of cash and maybe a picture or two can all fit comfortably in one of these. The difference is amazing. Seriously, fat wallets are the worst. Back pain, bulgy outlines, generic leather looks. They are just wrong.

This on the other hand is so very exceptionally right.

15.  Catapult Wooden Kit ($20)

There’s nothing better than building a mini catapult. Well, besides some desktop warfare after the kit has been built, but you probably guessed that.

It’s kinda cute, and kinda manly. A good combination for those not into all the black and pointy stuff that tend to lean towards the side of manly-to-a-fault.

16. Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe ($32)

Speaking of overly manly gifts. More black and pointy things!

For starters, this is the last one. It’s also the most exciting.

A fully functional tomahawk from Cold Steel. Not terribly pricey, and not terribly subtle. You can throw it, chop with it, brandish threateningly, or even just hang next to the bed in a terribly interesting way.

It’s impossible not to be happy when someone gives you an axe as a gift.

17. Penguin Leather Belt ($50)

Product Details

This isn’t sharp, so it doesn’t count as part of the “black and pointy” list if you go with the black color. Relax yourself.

Stylish belts that don’t look immature are hard to come by. Here we have one of the rare ones. A unique belt buckle, combined with stylishly sleek leather and a colorful interior will have anyone excited.

18. English Laundry Oxford Bleu Eau de Parfum ($70)

Gift for a boyfriend? Supposedly.

But if you move past the cultural ideas around giving cologne as a gift, this could be for any man which needs giving to. English Laundry is a clean and crisp cologne, and is probably a dozen steps above that body spray they’re using now.

19. Sandalwood Watch ($75)

Product Details

Wood watches are drool worthy. Sandalwood, doubly so.

Since most guys probably don’t have one (you’d know if they do), this is a pretty safe gift to give if you are unsure what they’d want. It works with any style, and looks good on pretty much any man.

20. Wurkin Stiffs Slim Wallet ($75)

Product Details

Woah, more black. And another wallet? Guys are so predictable.

Probably the only exception to leather wallets talked about in item 14.

Exceptionally thin, the wurkin stiffs has RFID blocking materials. AKA, people running around with equipment to steal your data off credit cards can’t get through this wallet, unlike the paper one above. These also have a very nice feel to them, and provide a bit more longevity than the paper ones.

21. Timbuk2 Commute Laptop  ($120)

The last bag they will ever need. Built to last a lifetime, Timbuk2’s Commute is the gold standard.

Plenty of space inside. Comfortable to carry and wear. Reflective tape for bikers, waterproof, etc… You really haven’t lived until you’ve packed up an entire weekend into one bag and realize you could carry it with you and not even notice.

Anything better out there costs exponentially more. Don’t waste the money on those when you now know better.

22. Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair ($234)

It’s a GIANT beanbag. That is really comfy. And GIANT!

Sure, they’re not cheap, but nothing this awesome will ever be very cheap. Throw out that nasty old furniture you have to sit on every movie night at your friend’s house. These sacks can sit a couple people, so it’s a gift you also give to yourself.

Size does matter. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

23. Kelty Airlift 4-Person Tent ($440)

Product Details

You know whats not great about camping? Setting up the tent. It’s a pain. Those poles, and loops and hooks and what-nots. Bleh.

Some genius decide to fix this issue. Enter, the Airlift. A full sized tent that inflates itself in under a minute. This is a gift from the heavens.

24. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon  ($1,520)

To be honest, this is the gift you give after accidentally destroying your friend’s car, or murdering his family, or something along those lines.

But that’s beside the point. Lenovo’s X1 Carbon is the laptop you should be wanting for yourself and your man. Unequivocally the best. Super thin, super powerful, super sexy. That’s three “supers” if you lost count. You could probably rule the world with a laptop like this.


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