Amazon’s Prime Day Summer Guide

Honestly, Prime Day hasn’t happened before, so it’s not like we can guarantee it will fulfill all of the world’s wildest dreams ever.

But there’s always hope.

If you’re looking to be at the top of your game when the online madness starts, here’s some steps to take, along with the most reasonable rumors, and a few items you should probably look out for or already have in that shopping cart.

Before You Do Anything…

This day of awesomeness is only available to those who have an Amazon Prime Membership. If you don’t have this, get to it now.

Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Start Free 30-Day Trial

Note- the 30-Day trial is easily cancelled, so don’t worry. Get it, use it for this new black Friday, and then cancel it and be happy in the knowledge you came out on top. Or keep it for $100 a year and rub it in everyone face.

What is Prime Day?

Per Amazon: “Prime Day is a one-day shopping event on July 15, 2015, with more deals than Black Friday.”

Essentially, the online shopping god-king we call Amazon is creating a new holiday for those who like to buy things. Yes, they can do this, and yes, you can take off work for it if you’d like.

What’s up for grabs?

No one really knows.

There’s been rumors of kindles, TV’s, toys, DVD’s, and even the Harry Potter books being on sale at deeply discounted prices. Most likely, everything you’ve ever needed or wanted will go on sale at some point tomorrow. We could be wrong. 24 hours and we will all know for sure.

What is for sure are the deals will start at midnight, and Amazon will be releasing new “lightning” deals every 10 mins. This is going to be nuts. You also won’t have to fight any oversized and overzealous bargain hunters in a physical melee. Instead, clickspeed, dedication, fast internet, and savvy shopping skills will be your new advantage.

Why July 15th?

Good question. Supposedly it’s to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. But really, we are guessing sales in July suck, and this is a good way for them to move product.

(We still love you Amazon, don’t hate us…)

Tips to win this day:

    • Load that cart up with everything you may want ahead of time and wait for the deals
    • Have your address and credit card information already saved
    • Set a budget (or not– you do you, wild child)
    • Have that phone or web browser constantly refreshing
    • Better yet, use both
    • Like the Facebook Page: Amazon Prime
    • Follow their twitter: Amazon Deals
    • Rope in your friends and family to watch and shop for you (bathroom breaks, we all need em)
    • Buy everything- Amazon has a stellar return policy
    • Have an Amazon Prime membership (DO IT NOW)

    Stuff we will be watching:

    More rumor, but it sounds like there should be a lot of end-of-season sales going on. Essentially sounds like a last hurrah for summer to us. We will be hunting through Amazon’s deals with this in mind.

    Amazon Echo

    50-Inch 4K LED Smart HDTV Bundle

    Fire HDX 8.9

    Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker

    Lightning Deals- All of them

    Discraft Ultimate Bundle

    Discraft Ultimate Bundle - 6 Discraft Ultra Star Ultimate Sport Discs

    Atom Longboards

    Fashion Deals


    Find Your Laptop

    Anti-Gravity Case

    If you find any awesome deals, feel like buying something to show your appreciation for Harketh or just want to say hey, here you go:


    Twitter: @harketh_

    Facebook: Harketh

    Happy shopping, and if you need any splurge suggestions, check out some of our favorites: SupplementsGuy’s GiftsGirl’s Gifts, and Laptops. Just to name a few.


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