Pretty Good Gifts For Girls

1. Metallic Temporary Bling Tattoos  ($7)

Shiny objects are the best way to show one’s love for another person.

Sometimes such objects can get pretty expensive, but this is not one of those cases. Quality temporary tattoos are difficult to come by, and these ones are quite eye catching. Hard to beat at this price.

2. Pink Key Knife ($8)

Sure, this was on the previous post, but it’s still fair game because this ones pink and the other was black. Suck it.

A knife that folds up to look like a key, fits on a key chain, and is quite sharp. It’s handy and adorable. Perfect for anyone who carries keys.

3. 16GB Data Traveler Micro USB  ($9)

The smallest freaking USB you can get. It’s sturdy and goes great with that laptop you have. No more unwieldy, long and flimsy storage devices. The future is here!

This thing is so small, you can put it anywhere and not notice. For the forgetful, it does have a key ring attachment.

4. Unicorn Pillow Pet ($17)

Don’t scoff, pillow pets are the bomb. Soft and cuddly, these will elevate you into a new status as a gold-starred gift giver.

Any child, woman, or grandma would appreciate a fuzzy stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow when needed. Again, it’s really soft.

Pillow Pets are applicable for any one of any age. Go forth, and be loved.

5. Soft Tartan Blanket Scarf ($17)

Product Details

Huge scarves are all the rage. Step up that scarf giving game and gift them something they’d actually want.

The material on these is light enough for spring, but layers enough to be used in the fall and winter as well. Sorry summer, you’ll have to find your own fashion accessory.

6. EOS Smooth Lip Balm (5 Pack) ($18)

Most intelligent people are wild about lip balms. Fun people are all about color and variety.

In this case, you can pay tribute to both their fun and intelligence. One of the better selling products on amazon to boot, you can’t go wrong with these flavors from eos.

7. Pride & Prejudice Typographic Book Poster ($25)

Whether bookish, romantic, or a pretender of either, the typographic poster is an impressive piece. These prints are entire books typed out impossibly small and forming a scene from the novel.

A good blend of cool and educated. You don’t see that every day.

8. Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Tree Necklace ($29)

Product Details

So, you’re a bit of a traditionalist and want to get a necklace. But, you also hate spending hundreds of dollars for cliched jewelry (diamonds can suck it).

Simplistic and beautiful, the gold tree and silver band make for a compelling piece for any woman. It’s easy to match with outfits and can be worn daily.

9. Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($30)

Gifting beauty products is a dangerous game. Don’t play it lightly.

If you do, this mascara is the way to go. It’s one of the highest rated mascaras on both Amazon and Birchbox, and no girl will feel slighted when given. This is as safe as it gets when going for beauty products, and probably more appreciated than riskier options anyways.

10. Ultra-Slim Nail Clipper ($35)

Purses are a thing most men are jealous of. Despite their additional carrying capacities, space in these suckers tend to be at a premium.

This ultra slim nail clipper makes for a minimal impact on purse real estate or pocket space. Look’s pretty modern, as well. For the practical girl or the kind with small handbags, this is a must have.

11. Super Soft Dark Gray Blanket  ($36)

More soft stuff. You’re welcome.

Ginormous and fluffy and pretty much your dreams come true in blanket form.

You will never have enough blankets, and neither will she.

12. TOMS Crochet Shoes ($50-$60)

Product Details

Make a lady swoon with some sweet looking TOMS. These have a classic black crochet, which as we all know, goes with everything.

Perfect for spring and summer. Some colorful “no show” socks and you’re ready for a fashion statement in the colder weather as well.

13. Josie Body Cream ($58)

A nice floral scent goes along with the smooth, decadent feel is what love and happiness is made of.

It’s a treat for your skin, and a way to show you truly care for the woman in your life.

Top of the line ingredients. Excellent and subtle smell. Long lasting. You now know perfection.

14. Arrow Rose Gold Pendant Necklace ($58)

Product Details

So you are a traditionalist with the jewelry, but feel like a cheaper necklace doesn’t say you care as much as one with a heftier price tag?

Here’s the arrow pendant necklace. Decently heavy, very shiny, and still not too expensive. She will go crazy for it, and all of her friends (besides you, of course) will be jealous that they only have that arrow tattoo that doesn’t shine at all.

15. Snapdragon Robe ($68)

Product Details

Now we are getting into the classy stuff. Sure, she might have a decent robe from Victoria’s secret, but this will blow that robe out of the water.

Colorful, which is a different form of shiny, and comfortable as sin. Plus, if she’s into Star Wars, you’re one step away from becoming a Floral Jedi.

16. Fujifilm Instant Film Camera  ($76)

An excellent Polaroid. It’s got the cute and cool down, plus a whole helping of fun.

Honestly, this is probably one of the best gifts to give on the list. Check out amazon for more reviews and you’ll see.

17. English Laundry English Rose Eau de Parfum Gift Set ($88)

For the traditionalist who already got her some jewelry last time. This gift set is everything beautiful about women packaged into perfume, lotion and shower gel.

Consistency is key on such a good smell, so help a sister out with the gift set from one of the most reputable perfumes around.

18. NuFACE Mini ($199)

In case you didn’t know, a large number of girls worry about their skin far more than your average male.

Wrinkles are the enemy, and this is the best sword you can get to fight them. Sure it’s a bit expensive, and a bit practical. But she’ll love it more for it.

A massage daily is supposed to help banish those devilish lines and leave a face feeling young and fresh.

19. Fitbit Charge HR  ($236)

As you probably know, gift giving when  the recipient is female, there are certain areas you must be careful with.

One of these areas is weight loss. Be very careful.

This is more than likely a safe gift, so no worries. Heart rate monitor, calorie count, all that fancy sleep stuff, and a subtle look that’s hard to find in other fitness trackers. Pro tip: can’t go wrong with the plum colored version.

20. Apple MacBook Air  ($950)

This is the pinnacle of gifts. A sexy looking laptop that’s practically incapable of getting a virus.

The air has a crazy thin profile while providing all the power you could need. It’s hard to find a better laptop to give than this.


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